AcroDance Exams

AcroDance Exams

Our AcroDance classes are based around the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. The Acrobatic Arts Syllabus is a comprehensive 12 level program and students have the opportunity to take part in their Acro exams biennially.

Students are not required to take part in the Acrobatic Arts exams, but their purpose is to motivate the dancers. For dancers to excel, it is proven that having defined and achievable goals is most effective. Elements of flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling are included in all 12 levels of the syllabus, and are designed to create a well-balanced acrobat.

Acrobatic Arts Certified Examiners travel to our Drumcondra Studio and evaluate dancers against a set universal standard. This is a fantastic way for both students and teachers to see where the dancer stands globally. The exam is done in a class setting, while the examiner critiques and takes notes on the required elements for each level. The exam will be graded ‘Superior’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Highly Commended”, ‘Commended’, ‘Pass’ or ‘Retry’. Students who complete their exam will receive a certificate to mark their achievement and those who receive a grade of ‘Superior’ will also receive a custom Acrobatic Arts medal. All students will receive a report card complementing areas of excellence and suggesting areas for improvement.

Our Ballet Classes & Dance Studio

Drumcondra Dance Studio

We offer Ballet classes in Drumcondra for all ages, from 3 years to adults. Our classes are taught in the Russian Vaganova style and include ballet technique, repertoire, pointe work and character dance.

The Drumcondra Dance studio is based in the ABCD building and is home of The Dublin Ballet Academy. It has approx 90 square meters of floor space with 14 meters of wall mounted ballet barres and another 8 meters of portable barres. There is also a wall of full length mirrors and a large car park to the rear of the building.
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Our Classes

We spend the first portion of class warming up our bodies safely to prevent injury. As the students get older and gain experience, we expect them to do this on their own before class starts.

We then move to the barre. The ballet barre steadily builds strength and teaches the correct body placement for ballet dancers. It is a crucial part of training and challenges your flexibility, strength, balance and precision. The barre is where you can begin to develop the right muscles and co-ordination, which is very specific for ballet.
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Looking for Ballet Classes in Dublin?

Our dance studio is located in Drumcondra & we offer Ballet classes throughout the year.

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